The industry has come a long way since the days when everyone used to pay by cash or check and stores/restaurants operated solely using just a cash register. Nowadays almost every location either uses a Point of Sale Machine (POS Machine) or a credit card machine to process payments. We offer a variety of Point of Sale related items to service just about every industry. 

Preventative maintenance is an important aspect of ensuring your printers, ATM, and credit card machines stay operational for years to come.

Compu-Imaging, Inc. offers an extensive line of cleaning products to help increase the longevity of your printing and swiping devices. We offer a complete line of:
  • Cleaning cards
  • Clean swabs
  • Cleaning pens
  • Cleaning wipes

Product Offering
Our register rolls are manufactured with the highest quality and are available in a wide range of lengths and widths.
Register Rolls
  • Thermal Paper Roll
  • Bond Paper Roll
  • Carbonless Paper Roll

Custom printed register rolls available too!

Printer Ink Ribbons
We have over 200 different POS/Dot Matrix ribbons available.