Easy Twist Wax Pencil

The name says it all! The Easy Twist Wax Pencil is a revolutionary wax pencil with a mechanical easy twist top with retractable wax core. A wax pencil is more commonly referred to as a Grease Pencil, China Marker, or Marking Pencil. Our wax pencil, has a unique formula that provides the effectiveness of a grease pencil, without the greasy texture and smearing that comes with a typical grease pencil. 
The Easy Twist Wax Pencil is non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D-4236, which makes it the perfect marking instrument for any hospitality setting. With a durable casing that can be wiped and sanitized, it writes on a variety of surfaces and is water resistant. No need to load the wax core into the mechanical pencil, just remove from box, twist, and use! With more usable wax in each pencil, there is less downtime and no need to refill pencils every shift.
Hospitality Applications
Marking products for customer identification
  • Paper and plastic cups and lids
  • Foam, foil, and plastic to go containers
  • To go bags, food packaging, and food wraps
Food safety labeling
  • Plastic or metal food storage pans
  • Paper, thermal, or Compu-Imaging dissolving shelf-life labels
  • Storage bags for fresh prepared ingredients
Other Uses
  • Menu boards and daily specials
  • Dining room seating charts
  • Work station schedules

Our marking pencil will write on almost any surface including wood, metal, glass, plastic, paper, tile, and white boards. Making this product versatile beyond just the restaurant industry. Our customers include car washes and dealerships, carpenters, artists, contractors, machinists, schools, manufacturing plants, and more! Our wax can easily be wiped off any nonporous surface with a dry or wet cloth, tissue, or rag. Try our wax pencils today and let them speak for themselves.